How It Works

Please see below for a detailed version on how to find your perfect registration and the purchase process.

Let’s get started!

Think about what you want your number plate to have on it – Name, Initials, Sports team etc.

Once you have a rough idea of what you would like then it’s time to search our database of over 60 million registrations to find your ideal one.

You can use our basic search tool or click on the advanced button for a more detailed search.
The basic search will generate more options, so if you have a specific registration in mind then use our advanced search and drop-down function.

Enter the Name, Initials or Numbers you want and click search to view all available registrations within your search threshold.


View search results.

Once you have entered your choice then it’s time to see what’s available.

On the results page you will see a list of available registrations using the options you requested.

If you see a registration that you like, great, click on details which will show you a sample number plate on a vehicle and also confirm the age of the vehicle which it can be used on.

If there’s nothing that you like, just search again using a less specific search and see what options that gives you.


Found your ideal registration.

Once you have found your ideal registration, and are on the ‘Order Summary’ page then to start the checkout procedure all you have to do is enter your email address and click Continue.

During checkout we will need the following:

The name of the vehicle owner as it is shown on the V5C document.
Whether you require our Complete Transfer Service or you plan to do this yourself.
Whether you require road legal number plates.
Name and address.
Payment either by Stripe or PayPal.

Once you have completed the purchase we then take over and register your personal number and acquire the V750 document which entitles you to transfer the registration to your vehicle.


After purchasing your registration.

Once the registration has been successfully processed and a V750 issued we will contact you by email if you wish us to transfer the registration and request the necessary document. Once we have this information we will then take care of the transfer process and send your number plates (if purchased) out to the address given at checkout.

If you prefer to transfer the registration yourself, we will send the V750 document along with the number plates (if purchased) to the delivery address you gave at checkout.


Almost complete.

Once the registration has been successfully transferred to your vehicle then it’s simply a case of changing your current number plates and informing your insurance of a change of registration then you can hit the road!


If you have any questions please refer to our FAQ section.