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Here at The Personal Number Plate Company we offer an unrivalled choice of never before issued personal registrations. With over 60 million registrations available we are sure you won’t have any problems finding the perfect one.


Personal registrations are an ideal way to customise your vehicle and stand out from the crowd. Whether it’s a name, initials or favourite sports team we can help you find the ideal registration.

A personal registration makes a great and thoughtful gift and is something that the recipient can keep for a lifetime.


To make buying a personal registration as easy as possible we offer two ways of purchasing – Registration only or Registration & Complete Transfer Service. You can also purchase road legal number plates from us as well. Both these options are available to add at checkout. Please see below for details on both options.


Registration Only

If you choose registration only, we will register your chosen number and put this on a V750 certificate of entitlement and post this to you to transfer to your vehicle whenever you are ready. Once you are ready to transfer the registration onto your vehicle you must carefully fill out all the paper work and complete the transfer with DVLA.


Registration & Complete Transfer Service

A popular option and for a small charge of £19.00 we will register your number and also look after the complete transfer to your vehicle on your behalf.


Our Complete Transfer Service will include:

  Registering your chosen number.

  Experienced staff ensure that all paperwork is legal and correct before filing with the DVLA.

 Complete transfer of new registration onto your vehicle and update the records for the MOT and Tax.

 Benefit from faster transfer times due to in house service.

 Dispatching Number Plates (If purchased) before transfer to speed up process.

  Secure retention of Certificate of Entitlement if you are not currently ready to transfer the registration to a vehicle


Please click the banner below to start your search. If you need any information our FAQ pages should help get you started.

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